Portable Hand Washing Sink for Daycare

by | May 11, 2016 | Plumbing Services

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Oftentimes, the importance of hand washing is taught during a young age – and for good reason. Correct hand washing in early childhood educational centers and daycares assists in protecting against the spread of most illnesses, which include the common cold.

It is estimated that common cold is responsible for over 20 million lost school days per year. Within daycares hand washing additionally acts as an excellent first line of defense from more severe illnesses, which include: hepatitis A, meningitis, flu, and most kinds of infectious diarrhea. One main benefit of a daycare portable sink includes bringing quality handwashing to places in which it’s most needed. As germs are transmitted in different ways inside a daycare, a youngster’s height portable hand wash sink assists in cleaning hands from germs that are spread through contaminated surfaces, contact with an ill child’s bodily fluids, contaminated food or water, and dirty hands from playing inside the classroom or facility.

Kids often come in contact with germs and become infected from touching their mouth, nose, or eyes. With the aid of a portable daycare sink, washing your hands may be readily available whenever and wherever it’s needed. By keeping handwashing within the daycare classroom, it’s simple for a youngster to wash her or his hands without leaving the room and thereby saving a separate visit to the bathroom. All in all, child-height, self-contained sinks include an easy method for kids to stay healthy and keep their hands clean.

Meet the handwashing needs of your children’s classroom or daycare with a broad array of Monsam portable sinks. The models range in functionality and size to provide the ultimate customization as far as a portable sink goes.

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