Some plumbing situations can wait a day or two. Others need attention as soon as possible. When an emergency occurs, calling a plumber in Fairfax, VA tomorrow is not an option. Here are some examples of situations that require action now.

The Kitchen Sink is Backing Up

Thanks to the way the plumbing lines are configured, the plumbing for the kitchen sink and the washing machine share a common line to the main connection. Normally, that arrangement does not cause any problems. Today, the sink is filling up with soapy water as the washing machine drains prior to the next spin cycle. Something must be clogging the line and forcing the water from the machine to flow into the pipes connected to the sink. Before the sink overflows, it makes sense to stop the machine and call a plumber in Fairfax, VA at once. In the best case scenario, the professional will be there in a few hours and things will get back to normal.

The Water Heater Exploded

The loud bang coming from the basement was the water heater tank exploding. Now the space is rapidly filling with water. After finding the value to kill the water supply to the basement, putting in a call to a plumber is the next step. The plumber can bring along a pump to clean out the water, remove the remnants of the heater, and help the homeowner choose a suitable replacement.

The Lavatory Taps Won’t Close

For some reason, the taps on the bathroom sink have stopped working. Worse yet, they are stuck in the open position. That means there is no way to stop the water from running out of the taps. After closing the valves under the sink, call a plumber at once. If the taps can’t be repaired, the professional can install news ones quickly.

Don’t delay when some sort of plumbing emergency arises. Call the team at Business Name and explain what is happening. A plumber will be on the scene as quickly as possible. In the best case scenario, the professional can make repairs, and the issue will be resolved. If any new fixtures or equipment is required, the plumber can ensure the replacements are just what the client needs.