Why Is That Toilet Continuing To Run Long After I Flush It?

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Plumbing Services

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There’s that sound again. It seems that the toilet just keeps going, long after you’ve flushed it. Now you can hear your water bill expanding and money going down the drain. This has got to stop. It’s time to call one of the plumbers in Ennis TX has nearby.

Big or Small

Whether you’ve recently noticed a wet spot in the hall carpet, or your basement is filled with water, your best bet would be to call in the experts. With the right tools and equipment a plumber can evaluate your problem. Sometimes the problem can be fixed immediately. An investigation using a camera inside your pipes can reveal bigger problems than that surface leak. Perhaps a tree root has grown through your pipe, blocking water flow and causing issues. Maybe your toilet is clogged and water is spilling onto your floor. Whatever the issue, making the call to one of the professional plumbers in Ennis TX offers will help you to get the problem fixed efficiently and in a timely manner.

Home Improvements

Your problem does not have to be an emergency to use excellent plumbing services. Maybe you decided to do a kitchen or bathroom remodel. You will need the experience and know-how of the experts to plumb your new sink or shower. Did you open the walls in your flip home only to find that the pipes and fixtures were not up to code? That is another example where a plumber will be able to get your home up to standard for that resale.

Other Issues

Whether your septic system is backed-up or your hot water heater is only putting out cold water, call a plumber for a good fix. Reputable plumbing services have emergency 24/7 service. They can also send out a truck that is filled with common plumbing supplies to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

When you need a great plumber, contact Direct Service Company for big or small plumbing issues.