Most people don’t pay much attention to their plumbing unless there is a problem. When the plumbing system malfunctions, it can make everyday tasks difficult, such as washing dishes, flushing the toilet, and taking a shower. The best way to prevent serious problems from occurring is to be able to recognize that there is a problem, and contact a professional plumber in Plumbing Repair in Azle TX as soon as possible.

Low Water Pressure

When a homeowner turns on the shower or faucet, they expect the water to come on full blast. If it doesn’t, and there is nothing clogging the shower head or faucet tip, there could be a blockage in the pipes, a busted pipe in the walls, or the water heater could be damaged. It is best to contact a plumber as soon as possible to diagnose and repair the problem.

High Water Pressure

If a homeowner notices that their toilet is constantly running, or if their faucets are always leaking, there could be a high water pressure issue. These can be very serious, as they can lead to busted water pipes, broken plumbing fittings, a damaged water heater, or flooding in the home. This is a problem that should be checked immediately by a professional in Plumbing Repair in Azle TX.

Slow Drains

Slow drains can be very inconvenient. They can make taking a shower or doing dishes very difficult. When most homeowners have slow drains, they will use liquid drain cleaner to clear the pipes. These products can be very damaging to the pipes, and they don’t always work. It is best to contact a plumber to safely remove the clog.

Discolored or Strange Smelling Water

The water from the faucet should be clear and odorless. If a homeowner notices that their water is white or cloudy, there may be too much air in the pipes. If it is brown, red, or yellow, there is rust, sulfur, or iron in the water, due to the well or broken water mains. If the water is green or blue, it means that the copper piping has corroded. If a homeowner notices that their water is not right, they should contact a plumber immediately.

A home’s plumbing system is very delicate. If homeowners believe that there may be a problem with their plumbing, they should make an appointment with Ace Repair Plumbing right away.