When a water heater is not outputting the correct temperature, there may be a problem in the tank that needs to be tended to quickly. Knowing what type of behavior the water is giving to member sin the household will help a plumber determine the correct course of action in repairing the problem. Here are some of the main difficulties people have with their Water Heaters, necessitating a visit from a plumber to get it back up and running as normal.

If the water temperature is scalding hot, this can be a result of the thermostat needing replacement. There is a switch on the water heater indicating the top temperature the elements will use when heating. If the temperature is set incorrectly, the water may be too hot. Check the gauge near the switch to see what it is set for. If it needs to be cooler, simply slide it to a lower temperature. If the temperature is low on the gauge but the water is still hot, the thermostat will most likely need to be replaced.

If the water temperature goes from hot to cold very quickly, there may be a problem with one of the heating elements. Use an ohmmeter to check the bottom element for power. If it is not working, it will need to be replaced. This is a fairly easy job a homeowner can do on their own. If this element is not broken, the top one may be the one at fault. A plumber would be able to drain the water heat in its entirety and replace the element with a new one. The water heater can then be refilled to see if the temperature level is resolved. This may take a few hours to finish the work, but in most cases it will fix the temperature problem.

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