Resolving a Big Mess: Advantages for Hiring Companies Experienced in Professional Sewer Cleaning in Indianapolis IN

by | Nov 12, 2018 | Plumbing

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A homeowner who regularly cleans and maintains their home’s plumbing can help prevent unwanted sewer backup. When a backup occurs, this means that sewage and other waste re-enters into the home through the drainage plumbing.

Two different kinds of backup can occur in a home dependent upon the type of waste system. For those in a more rural area, the waste-water is disposed of in a septic tank. Those who live in the city, typically have their waste disposed of in a municipal waste-water disposal system. Being able to identify the type of system as well as between a minor problem and a potentially major one, can save the homeowner time and money.

Those who experience minor plumbing problems can resolve these by using a simple plumbing product, while larger problems require services by someone who specializes in sewer cleaning in Indianapolis IN.

Signs Professional Services are Required

There may be times that a homeowner struggles to know when to call for a professional. Here are a few signs to watch for when a backup occurs.

* One clogged drain typically will mean that something is stopping the water from flowing properly. However, when more than one drain shows a blockage, there may be a problem within the sewer line itself. This is most apparent when both a sink and shower are slow or have ceased to drain.

* Toilets are the first to show signs of a sewer-draining problem. This is often due to tree roots growing into a mainline. A professional cleaner will be able to determine the source by using an extended toilet auger.

* When water begins to back up in floor drains, particularly those located in the basement, it is crucial to seek assistance from a professional.

* Foul odors that derive from the kitchen sink or shower drain imply there is a backup from the main line to the individual lines. A professional can locate the piping responsible for maintaining the water that prevents sewer odors from entering the home, and assess the situation properly.

Hire a Professional

To prevent any further damage to the home’s plumbing as well as the home itself, hiring a professional company that specializes in sewer cleaning in Indianapolis IN is the best way to ensure the job is properly taken care of. For information on the different services that we provide, browse our website today.