When the water bill is a bit higher than usual, utility customers usually don’t think much about it. Perhaps people in the home were taking longer showers or running extra loads of laundry. Weekend house-guests might have accounted for the extra water usage. If the situation worsens, it may be time to call a Plumber in Azle TX to check the pipe system for leaks.

Toilet Tank Leaks

One common place for water leaks is the toilet. Nobody notices because the leak is inside the tank; water isn’t dripping into the floor. The water leaks into the bowl drip by drip. It might never be discovered unless the leak becomes bad enough that the tank has to keep refilling because the water level drops a couple of inches. Now people can hear that telltale whoosh sound. Many gallons of water can be lost over time because of this issue.

A Plumber in Azle TX can fix this problem by replacing the flapper at the bottom of the tank equipment or by replacing the entire apparatus. This is a relatively inexpensive repair job, with affordable parts and no lengthy time for the plumber’s labor.

Faucet Leaks

Sometimes the leak is occurring at a faucet that nobody pays much attention to. It’s usually obvious and annoying when a kitchen or frequently used bathroom tap leaks and the dripping sound is heard throughout the day. But what if that faucet is in a bathroom in a far-off part of the home and it’s usually only used by guests? A leaking faucet might also be situated over a laundry tub in a place where dripping isn’t noticed. The fix might be as simple as replacing a washer, but sometimes the entire device must be replaced.

Pipe Leaks

A plumbing pipe might be leaking, which typically occurs at connections to fixtures. If this is occurring behind a wall or under a floor, nobody might notice it unless the dripping sound echoes or if wet spots appear. A plumber with a company such as Ace Repair Plumbing can make the repair and get the water bills back to a reasonable amount. Contact Us to learn more.