Insulating Outdoor Plumbing And Other Services Offered By A Licensed Plumber In Anacortes WA

by | Oct 27, 2016 | Plumbing

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Outdoor plumbing that is exposed to cold temperatures can cause water to freeze inside of pipes. Once the temperature rises, ice that thaws will expand and can cause sections of plumbing to crack. By completing the following project, plumbing will be protected during extreme temperatures.


  • detergent
  • sponge
  • water hose
  • towel
  • thermal plumbing tape
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • thermal insulation sleeve

Cleaning Plumbing And Applying Tape

Water should be turned off before applying tape and insulation. If portions of outdoor plumbing are dirty, soapy water and a sponge can be used to remove hardened residue. Clean plumbing pieces need to be dried with a towel. An even layer of thermal plumbing tape that is wrapped around pipes will prevent sections from being exposed to cold temperatures. Once enough tape has been added, the end of the tape can be trimmed with scissors. The end needs to be pressed firmly against the plumbing to help it adhere.

Covering Tape With Thermal Insulation

A measuring tape can be used to determine how long and wide a thermal insulation sleeve needs to be. An insulation sleeve will have a slit running along one side of it, allowing an individual to easily wrap pieces of plumbing with one. After a sleeve has been lined up over a piece of plumbing, scissors can be used if the ends of a sleeve need to be trimmed. A couple strips of thermal plumbing tape need to be placed over a sleeve’s slit to keep insulation in place. Water can be turned on once plumbing has been insulated.

If outdoor or indoor plumbing ever cracks and a water leak is evident, a licensed Plumber in Anacortes WA will need to be hired. Many times, plumbers can patch existing plumbing with some basic plumbing materials. If damage to a plumbing section cannot be repaired, a Plumber in Anacortes WA will remove damaged pieces and will replace them with materials that are similar. A plumber can assist with plumbing problems during any time of the day or night. People in need of help can visit or a similar website in order to learn more about services.

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