The hot water has gone out and the family is taking cold showers. The existing unit is making strange noises, failing to produce adequate supplies of hot water, or the hot water it is producing is coming out the wrong color. Face the facts: it’s time to buy a new Hot Water Heater. With the variety of models available on today’s market, this can be a daunting task. Here are a few tips to help home owners consider the pros and cons of different heaters.

There are two major considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a new heater. First, decide whether to go tankless or stick with a more conventional model. Tankless heaters have recently seen a rise in popularity due to their energy efficiency, but that is not their only advantage. In addition to using less energy by heating only as much water is required on demand rather than storing excess in a tank, tankless water heaters also economize space and typically last longer than their conventional counterparts. This makes them ideal for apartments or smaller houses where space is at a premium. So what are the cons? The initial price is sometimes prohibitively high, so although they save money in the long run going tankless may not be possible for every household. There is also a limit as to how much water they can heat at once, so tankless heaters are not ideal for large families.

A second important consideration is the fuel source. Home owners will have to choose between a gas-fired or an electric Hot Water Heater. In places where natural gas is available, most choose this option. The reasoning behind this decision? Simply put, gas is cheaper. They are, however, less safe than their electric counterparts and require more regular maintenance. Gas heaters also take up more space with vents and supply lines. An electric heater, in comparison, can be placed just about anywhere.

Ultimately, these choices will come down to space, resource availability, and personal preference. Need a new water heater and still not sure exactly which model is right for the household? Visit for a dependable source of high-quality hot water heaters, other HVAC supplies, and more.

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