There seems to be a million ways that kids can mess up Residential Plumbing in Baltimore MD. Almost every plumber has a story about something a kid did that resulted in a service call. What can parents do to safeguard their plumbing from their children?

Toys In The Toilet

Parents will usually let their small children play with toys in the bathtub, but what happens when toys end up in the toilet? When kids are done playing with toys, parents should put the playthings out of reach. Small children should also be told repeatedly not to place toys inside toilets. Most children will understand that they are doing something wrong if parents are firm with their discipline.

Abusing The Sinks

Children can cause problems to Residential Plumbing in Baltimore MD by misusing sinks. A child might not understand that grease shouldn’t be poured down a sink’s drain. A parent might not even realize that their child is abusing their sink until a plumber has to be called out to fix a serious clog.

Hard On The Faucets Handles

Yet another problem that parents face with kids is that faucet handles end up needing to be replaced. Some children develop the habit of turning faucet handles way too hard. Sooner or later, a handle will break if it is constantly turned too hard. A leak might develop or the handle might fail completely.

Parents Need To Pay Attention

The bottom line is that parents need to pay close attention to their kids or they risk having far too many plumbing problems. One option is for a parent to invest in tools so they can learn how to fix problems that keep popping up. But if there are any serious issues, a plumber should be contacted before the plumbing undergoes any more damage. As the children age, they are less likely to cause plumbing problems that cost their parents money and time.

Most children aren’t trying to purposely damage the plumbing inside their homes. An accident will still cost parents money to fix or they will have to spend time doing the repairs themselves. Click Here to arrange to have a drain snaked by a plumber.