Three Types of Plumbing Services You Should Know About in Tempe, AZ

by | Feb 21, 2024 | Plumbing

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Most people only think about their home’s plumbing once something goes wrong. However, staying on top of plumbing maintenance and paying attention to your pipes can help avert an expensive disaster. Here are three types of plumbing services in Tempe, AZ that every homeowner needs to know about.

Installation Services

If you’re getting a new toilet, faucet, or showerhead, you might be tempted to save money by installing it yourself. However, DIY plumbing fixtures can end up costing far more than the price of installation. Avoid leaks, cracks, and flooding by hiring a professional plumber to install your new fixtures.

Leak Detection and Repair

Have you noticed water puddles, staining mold, and mildew around your home? The detection and repair of leaks is one of the most common plumbing services in Tempe, AZ. Signs of a leak can be as obvious as dripping water or subtle as rushing sounds and hot spots on the floor. If you suspect a leak, call a plumber as soon as possible to avoid costly damage.

Drain Repair and Maintenance

Clogged drains are another common plumbing problem that is best left to the professionals. Although your slow drain may seem like a simple hair clog, the blockage can go much further into the pipes than you can reach with a pipe snake or drain cleaner. Calling a plumber ensures that the clog is completely removed without causing damage to your pipes.