Let a Plumbing Company in Jacksonville FL Handle Those Outdoor Plumbing Concerns

by | Jan 8, 2016 | Plumbing

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The plumbing in most buildings consists of the fresh water supply and the sewage line. In many cases, these pipes are the concern of the property owner from the main connection on. That is, if the main water or sewer connection to the pipes that service a home or business breaks, The property owner is responsible for the repairs. This is mostly because the property at this point is private. Eliminating this concern could take a lot of effort depending on how the property owner wants to deal with leaking pipes. One common method is an attempt to locate and remove the existing pipe, but an expert Plumbing company in Jacksonville FL will suggest an easier alternative such as laying new pipe in its own trench.

If the problem involves a clogged sewer line, then the plumber has a whole other set of worries. For example, locating the source of the clog and determining the best way to remove it. This usually involves the use of a video snake which is a long flexible cable with a small camera attached to the end. Cable is the preferred delivery method because it is strong enough to work its way deep into the pipe and flexible enough to handle curves and ninety-degree angles. If the video locates an actual clog, then the plumber may need to use another snake-like tool known as a rooter or pipe snake. This tool comes with an auger that pierces the clog so water can flow freely. Usually, this step will wash away the blockage, and no other procedures are required.

A really tough clog may require a Plumbing company in Jacksonville FL to clean the pipes. This step is actually simple if the contractor can locate an access vent. This little fitting is a short piece of pipe with a built in, forty-five degree, angled connection for an additional pipe or a cap. Easy access like this makes working on exterior plumbing much easier. The main alternative when a vent is not available is removing the toilet closest to the drain line, Unfortunately, this won’t work when cleaning exterior sewer lines because the dirty water will splash everywhere. Please click here for more info.