You want to keep the plumbing system in your home in tip-top shape 24/7. One of the best ways to do this is to know when to call a plumbing company in Minneapolis for repair or replacement services. Check out these tips to help you understand when to make the call.

Leaky Pipes

It might seem obvious to call for leaky pipe repair when water comes from the pipes under your sink or behind your toilet. Yet, it’s common for people to ignore these problems. They either temporarily fix it with a plumber’s tape or put a bowl under it and regularly empty it. These are temporary fixes that don’t solve the problem. Always call a plumber when you have a leaky pipe to protect your house from further water damage.

Slow Drains

Do you have drains in your home that are slow to drain? If this is a persistent problem that affects multiple drains, you need a plumber to snake the line. You may have a deep-seated clog in the water line or sewer pipe that needs removal.

High Water Bill

If your water bill suddenly spikes for no apparent reason, you might have a hidden leak. Contact a plumbing service for leak detection services. Hidden leaks don’t just make your water bill skyrocket. They also cause water damage and affect your home’s structural integrity.
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