Most residential septic systems can hold anywhere from 750 to 1250 gallons of raw sewage. That’s a lot of sewage, but eventually, septic tanks get too full and need cleaning. Here are some clues it’s time to call for septic tank cleaning in Conyers, GA.

1. Foul-smelling Toilets and Sinks

If the sinks and toilets in the house begin to smell like raw sewage, chances are the septic tank needs cleaning. Drains start to smell when tanks get too full. One might also notice this odor outside near the septic tank.

2. Sewage Backs Up in Drains

Raw sewage should never be in toilets or sinks. So, if raw sewage becomes a problem in these areas, it’s time to call for septic cleaning.

3. Slow Drainage

Households with increasingly slow drainage should check their records to determine the last time they had their septic tank cleaned. As the tank becomes fuller, water takes longer to drain. Eventually, the drains won’t release water, and damaging backups will likely follow.

4. Gurgling Water

When the toilet flushes, do other sinks gurgle and spit up water? This is a significant indication of a dirty septic tank.

5. Pooling Water Outside Near the Tank

Is the yard soggy around the tank, but it hasn’t rained, or has the lawn been watered recently? The septic tank might be leaking water. Contact a septic professional to investigate the problem.

Septic tank cleaning in Conyers, GA, should be done every 3-5 years. To schedule septic cleaning or another service, contact Liberty Plumbing.