No one wants to suffer through cold showers or have to deal with high energy costs. However, if a water heater is not maintained, repaired and replaced when the time comes, these are all-too-real scenarios. When it is time to purchase Water Heater Replacements in Bellingham WA, it is a good idea to use the tips here to ensure the right unit is purchased for the home.

Water Heater Types

Be sure to consider the size of the family using the water heater and the utilities in the local area to select the right water heater. The most common Water Heater Replacements in Bellingham WA are storage tank units. These feature an insulated tank where the water is stored until it is needed. These are classified by the amount of water it can hold in gallons. Another consideration for this type of tank is the number of gallons it can heat in an hour and its yearly operating costs.

Another option is a tankless, or on-demand, unit. This tank heats water when a faucet is turned on. It is typically more energy-efficient than traditional storage tanks unit. It is important to note that this unit will only provide a limited flow rate of hot water, so for bigger families, it may not be a good option.

Fuel Source

Another consideration is the type of fuel source used in the home. The options that are available include gas or propane, electric and a hybrid fuel tank. Electric water heaters are typically going to be the most affordable options and range in size from 28 to more than 100 gallons in size. Gas or propane tanks are more energy efficient than electric ones, but also more expensive. The hybrid or heat pump tanks are more expensive initially than the other two options, but will save a significant amount of money as time passes.

Replacing a water heater can seem like an unpleasant chore, but when a homeowner gets to know about the options, it can be a pretty simple task. Don’t allow the existing unit to cause cold showers or low efficiency and high power bills. More information about purchasing a water heater can be found by visiting the website.

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